IT for Manufacturing Case Study

Thriveon Helps Manufacturing Company Turn Their Information and Technology Into a Contributor For Growth

IT for manufacturersA manufacturer of custom motors and components was poised for aggressive growth after identifying new markets for its products. At the same time, turnover within their internal IT department left a gap that stimulated an exploration of outsourcing as a way to fully resource IT. They had several goals in mind as they considered their options. One goal was to quickly attain a high level of technical competence in a short period of time. An outcome that they didn't foresee was that their new fully managed IT services provider, Thriveon, would be able to turn IT into a valuable contributor to their growth and peace of mind.

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Understanding Business Needs

As Thriveon worked quickly to get support and services up and running, they conferenced with the company's management team to thoughtfully understand their needs, not just for technology support but for the information encompassing their business operations. As they collaborated to draft a long term Information Technology strategy, several projects emerged that would contribute to their ability to add capacity and create the redundancies necessary to assure business continuity as they grew.

Identifying and Implementing Improvements

Manufacturing IT Case Study QuoteUpgrading the manufacturing company's Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software was one of the first projects that Thriveon undertook so that the business could more efficiently manage increased demands on operations and administration. This drove significant improvements to network infrastructure to create efficiencies, while protecting data and intellectual property.

The CEO relied on Thriveon to help him understand all aspects of projects under consideration, providing options and making recommendations to best practices. Thriveon played a central role in sourcing and managing the other providers both in planning and implementation stages of software and infrastructure projects. This included the ERP software consultants, Thriveon's network project team, and the vendors who provide connectivity to the internet. Thriveon has subsequently guided the company through the acquisition and implementation of a new Quality Assurance application and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution.

Consistent Reliable Technology Doesn't Happen by Accident

Through monthly managed services, Thriveon has supported the company by acting as their virtual IT department, providing help desk and proactive maintenance, as well as ongoing strategic IT planning. The most significant outcome that this manufacturing company has received from their ongoing relationship with Thriveon is not the accurate data, the increased capacity of the servers, or the improvement in technology tools that the employees have at their disposal. It's the peace of mind that has come from knowing that the company now has a system that is performing consistently and reliably.

"Our biggest benefit is that our risk of business interruption is dramatically reduced," said the CEO. "That doesn't happen by accident."

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