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We provide proactive managed IT services in Mankato, MN, for companies that value secure and efficient networks for their business needs.

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Mankato Outsourced IT Services Provider

Mankato-based entrepreneurial organizations and executives trust Thriveon to provide the right IT guidance that includes:

  • Strategy
  • Planning
  • Budgeting

Thriveon streamlines your technology spend with safe, secure technology and managed IT support that increases employee productivity and reduces security risk. Maximize your technology investment with our proven 7-Step Process.

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Mankato Managed IT Strategy and Guidance

Named Chief Information Officer

Thriveon is committed to offering executive-level IT leadership in Mankato to steer critical technology decisions affecting your business. Our designated Chief Information Officer collaborates with your executive team through regular steering meetings, ensuring your IT strategy is directly aligned with industry best practices, business impact, and risk assessments.

Workflow Improvements and ROI Evaluation

As a leading IT services provider in Mankato, we focus on recommending workflow enhancements to minimize manual tasks. We also evaluate the ROI of various IT solutions to ensure they align with your business objectives. Our IT roadmap is tailored to your business plan and initiatives, complete with annual IT budget planning and forecasting.

Comprehensive Technology Guidance

Thriveon provides all-encompassing technology guidance, covering hardware, software, service warranties, versions and other vital elements of IT lifecycle planning and management.

Move Add Changes

Our team efficiently handles low-risk Move Add Changes that can be completed in under two hours without requiring a truck roll. We are also available to answer any "How-to" questions you may have.

Vendor Management

We provide ongoing problem isolation and resolution as part of our outsourced IT support. Additionally, we manage your technology vendor relationships, ensuring you get the best service and pricing.


Proactive Audit and Alignment

Named ThrivAdmin

Our dedicated ThrivAdmin role is pivotal in establishing technology standards. We conduct ongoing audits to identify any deviations from Thriveon's IT technology standards, ensuring your IT environment is aligned and secure.

Directed Alignment and Standardization

We focus on directed alignment to establish a stable, predictable and high-performing IT environment. Technology usage is standardized according to company roles, and we manage firmware, VMware and minor application releases to keep your systems up-to-date.

Comprehensive Documentation

Thriveon offers thorough documentation that includes details on WAN, LAN, Applications, passwords, remote access and virtualization, making us a comprehensive IT services company in Mankato.

24/7 Management

Security Patch Management

We specialize in managing security patches for Microsoft, Adobe and and Java, including after-hours installations. Our services extend to DNS and malicious content filtering, offering you a full suite of managed information technology services.

Optimization and Monitoring

Our team performs workstation and server optimization during off-hours. We also provide predictive hardware failure alerts and comprehensive network and performance monitoring and management.

Real-Time Protection

Thriveon delivers real-time protection against viruses, spam and malicious content. Our 24/7 management services also include after-hours workstation and server optimization.

IT Support

Unlimited Remote and On-Site Service

We offer unlimited remote and on-site IT support services in Mankato, available 24/7/365. This includes direct user support for all your technology devices, software or services.

Thriveon Help Portal

Our user-friendly help portal allows you to request support, view status updates, access self-help resources, request changes and access training modules.

Problem Resolution and How-To Questions

Ongoing problem isolation and resolution are part of our IT support services. Our team is available to answer any how-to questions you may have.

Areas We Service

Thriveon brings proactively managed IT to Mankato and its surrounding communities. Call today if you’re in or near:

  • Mankato
  • New Ulm
  • Owatonna
  • Faribault

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What distinguishes Thriveon as a top managed IT company in Mankato?

Thriveon provides comprehensive and proactive managed IT services that meet the unique requirements of businesses in Mankato. With our executive-level IT leadership and 24/7 support, we stand as a trusted technology partner for your business needs.

What kinds of IT support services are available from Thriveon in Mankato?

Thriveon offers a diverse array of IT support services in Mankato, including 24/7 remote and on-site support, security patch management and network monitoring, among others.

How does Thriveon's Mankato IT support stand out from other providers?

Thriveon specializes in proactive IT solutions that are aligned with your business goals. Our Named Chief Information Officer collaborates closely with your executive team to ensure your IT strategy is tailored for both growth and efficiency.

What computer support andervices are part of Thriveon's service offerings?

Our computer support andservices include workstation and server optimization, comprehensive hardware and software management and real-time protection against viruses and malicious content.

Does Thriveon offer outsourced IT support?

Yes, Thriveon provides outsourced IT support services, allowing you to concentrate on your core business activities while we manage all your IT needs.

In what IT solutions does Thriveon specialize?

Thriveon is proficient in a wide range of IT solutions, including workflow enhancements, ROI evaluations, technology standardization and security patch management.

Can Thriveon assist with IT consulting for my Mankato-based business?

Absolutely. Our IT consulting services offer strategic guidance, from technology selection to workflow optimization, ensuring that your IT investments yield maximum returns.

What are managed IT services?

Managed IT services involve continuously managing and monitoring of your IT infrastructure. Thriveon provides these services to ensure your technology is secure, efficient and aligned with your business objectives.

Is Thriveon a comprehensive IT Services Provider?

Yes, Thriveon is a full-service IT services provider, offering a wide range of services from IT strategy and guidance to 24/7 management and support.

Why should businesses in Mankato choose Thriveon as their IT Services Company?

Thriveon is committed to delivering proactive, customized IT services that minimize disruptions and enhance productivity. Our all-inclusive services, expert team and focus on aligning with your business goals make us the ideal choice for your IT needs in Mankato.