Technology costs too much, to not get it right.


Worried IT is holding your business back, while your competitors are leaping ahead?


Are you left to figure out the IT direction on your own?


Do IT problems go unresolved?


You deserve better.



Are you paying too much for your IT support?

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How a better IT strategy can help you run a smoother, more profitable business.


Obtain the benefits your technology was meant to create with strategic IT guidance and support


Less business risk and disruptions


Happier more productive people


Technology moves your business forward

Since 2002, We have been empowering people to create business success with I.T.

Most businesses struggle to obtain the benefits their technology was meant to create.  At Thriveon we have created a managed IT service that strategically guides and support your entire technology spend. So your business has less risk and disruption, your people are happier and more productive and your technology moves your business forward.
More than 40 happy clients
90%+ reduction in IT problems
More than 5,000 hours per month saved for clients
6 minute average technical response time to emergency and can't login issues
Forward looking roadmap and budget guiding your entire technology spend 


Talk with us today and learn how Thriveon can help your business obtain the benefits technology was meant to create.



We will understand your business and goals to create an IT strategy and support that works for today and the future. 



With IT guidance and support from Thriveon, your business will be more profitable and scalable.


The Thriveon Way

Businesses today need to take advantage of advances in technology to remain competitive.  Problem is most IT groups are reactive, consumed with supporting the day to day.  This leaves little to no time to strategically guide the move the business forward stuff.  So the most important part of IT remains on you as the business leader to figure out on your own, through trial and error. Problem is getting the wrong computer is a $1,000 mistake, getting the wrong business application is a $100,000 mistake.  At Thriveon we strategically guide and support your entire technology spend so that all the technology works in concert together to move your business forward.  You get all the managed IT service stuff, like 24x7 unlimited support, patching, monitoring.  Plus a team  that proactively continually audits and aligns your IT systems to best practices.  As well as a Chief Information Officer at your side guiding and directing a future looking IT roadmap and budget.  They will guide you on the productivity initiatives to consider and how many hours they will save you each month.  They will also guide you on the business risk of your current technology environment and the decisions that need to be made to eliminate risk and disruption in your business.  

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Obtain the benefits your technology was meant to create.