You want to focus on your business

Just because you are responsible for IT doesn’t mean that you want it to take all your time. Managing the Information and Technology needs of your company is getting more complex and more expensive, but you can’t risk not doing IT right. 

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You want IT to just work

As you watch your business go about its day-to-day operations, you can see how it relies on technology. It shouldn't be too much to ask for Information and Technology to be the predictable, reliable rails that your business processes travel along each day.

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You want IT to do more

Shouldn’t your IT strategy help you attain your vision for your company? Challenge your IT to be more strategic, and you are on your way to improving the ways that you become a better employer, a better value to your customers and beat the competition.

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You Want a Better Way to Manage Your Technology

At Thriveon, we know that your Information and Technology can play an integral role in how you achieve your business goals. By first learning about your business and the information that you need, and then building an Information and Technology framework around it, we create and implement strategies that leverage IT to help your business grow. Family owned and operated right here in Minnesota, we are committed to your success and to providing the hassle-free IT experience that you want. Learn more about Thriveon.

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Our Approach to Managed IT Services is Different

Information Technology Strategy Model

Your unique business needs are addressed with our proven process

The wheel that you see here represents the comprehensive process we use to implement managed IT services. Our proprietary Information Technology Strategy (ITS™) model provides companies with 20 – 500 computers with a proven path to business success with the Information and Technology needed to move business forward. We will first get to know your business and what you want to accomplish. Then we’ll build an Information Technology framework that aligns with your plans, encompassing all of the facets that are required to provide you with consistent, reliable IT that scales with your business, and provides the hassle free experience you want.

Ready for a better way to manage your IT? 

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