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Better IT Results

IT ought to produce predictable results at a predictable cost and help your business thrive. 

Proactively plan and budget for IT

Budget Predictably

Proactively plan and budget with confidence knowing that you are making the right IT investments to move the business forward.

Prevent cyber attacks with Thriveon IT services

Prevent Cyber Attacks

When IT is predictable you can rest easy knowing your business is safe.

Thriveon clients do more business with less people

Do More with Less

When IT systems are predictable and workflow is efficient, it takes less people to do the same work.

Thriveon IT Service Company helping businesses thrive in Minnesota

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Learn About the Thriveon Process

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Unleash Your Business Success

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Why Thriveon?

At Thriveon, we've helped hundreds of companies create an IT strategy that works. We get that growing a business is hard work. We are a growing family owned business ourselves. Your growing success creates new challenges for you to tackle every day and you need to know the decisions you make put your business on the right path for future success. You don't have time to wait and hope it turns out. The stakes are too high.


Unfortunately, all IT solutions feel the same. Whether internal staff or an outsourced company, they produce the same lack luster results at the end of the day. There are still too many disruptions, sluggish performance, surprise outages, spiraling costs, ransomware holdups, and technical mumbo jumbo answers.


Chances are you've talked to other business leaders in hopes you would discover that these lack luster results weren't happening in their business and they found a way out, only to find that they, too, are plagued by the same daily IT woes. So now you're left wondering - Is this really normal IT?


We believe IT ought to provide predictable results for a predictable cost, and help companies do more with less. We have spent over 15 years creating and perfecting the Thriveon Process that does just that. Our clients find that their risk of business interruption is drastically reduced; that IT is enabling their business goals and helping them stay ahead of the game; and that they are now able to do more business with less people and budget more predictably.


This isn't the case for most companies. What we find when we meet with business leaders - whether they have an outsourced managed IT service provider or an internal staff of 1 to 20 - is that they're plagued with IT surprises that hamper their business frustrating their employees and clients. They're shocked when an unexpected loss or breach of their business information risks damaging their reputation, or worse yet, taking them out of business. Overwhelmed by the spiraling costs of IT and uncertain what to do next, they know something must be done. All too often business leaders think if they just hire a different person or a different IT provider the results will change, and they find out too late that they just don't.


That’s where Thriveon comes in. Our proven process will take you from circling in the whirlwind of IT issues that are holding your business back, to empowering your success as a the leader of a thriving company who now has time to focus on growth.


To your success,


Sam Bloedow, CEO & Founder of Thriveon


Sam Bloedow
CEO & Founder

What Our Clients Say

John Klopstad

Customer Manager
Hussong Manufacturing Company
Kozy Heat
“Thriveon shares a lot of the same values that we have as a family owned business. We really feel like we are a part of their business focus, rather than just a name on an invoice."

Chad Anderson

Senior Dir. Project
Management & Security,
LiftPoint Consulting
“IT has become a background focus for me. Thriveon promised proactivity and I see that. It’s very nice to have things taken care of."

Clara DeRosier

Executive Director,
Minnesota Electrical
“Going from internal IT to Thriveon has been a huge cost savings and has increased the technology knowledge base that we can tap into. One person has one sphere of knowledge, but the Thriveon team encompasses a wide range of expertise."
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The Cost of Unpredictability

Unsure of the right IT investments?

Burned by Bad Investments

Unsure of what the right IT investments are because you have been burned in the past

Do you want to be shocked by security breaches?

Shocked by Security Breaches

That put their reputation and business continuity at risk

Are you burdened by overstaffing?

Burdened with Overstaffing

When IT systems are disrupted or inefficient, it takes more people to do the same work.

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Top 5 Reasons IT is Unpredictable

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