The Challenge

Fowler and Hammer wasn’t getting the strategy and guidance they wanted from their previous IT company, which they wanted it to feel like a partnership.

Repeat IT issues were popping up and weren’t getting resolved permanently.

Security holes created a lot of concerns for their security.

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Their current vendors were expensive and not moving them forward in the direction they wanted with their technology. Their two main applications were not current, and they felt constantly stuck in the same state.


We overhauled their IT infrastructure

After discovering their IT infrastructure was in a tough space, we did a complete infrastructure project overhaul. We leverage technology to be more efficient and make the day-to-day operations run smoothly and efficiently.


Then we helped them find a new Sage vendor

We helped find them a new vendor that optimized their Sage 300 platform and ran operations more smoothly. We scheduled the meeting with the consultant and assisted them in getting set up.


And we strengthened their security gaps and data

We helped button up their security risks and eliminate any potential issues. By identifying pain points, we could finally resolve them and secure their systems. We also implemented a large archival database, so data stopped being unmanageable for them.

The Results

With their infrastructure overhaul, new Sage vendor and strengthened security, Fowler and Hammer experienced:

Their application and infrastructure performance improved so they could get the most out of their systems.
We shrunk their data indexing so their productivity wasn’t slowed down.
Improvements were made from their account management and help desk perspectives.
By working quickly and accurately, we built a trusted relationship so we could resolve issues together as a true partnership.
From our partnership, consistent communications and expectations led to high-quality standards.
With a 46.2% response rate, nearly half of the closed tickets in the last year received feedback, indicating a relationship built on openness.
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