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When Founder and CEO, Sam Bloedow started Thriveon, it was born from a love of technology and the needs of small to midsize companies that weren’t being met by their current IT service. Fascinated by the way businesses could leverage technology to enable growth, Sam founded Thriveon on the philosophy of helping other businesses find success the same way.

As technology continues to evolve, so does the need for strategic guidance. That’s why for the last 19+ years, Thriveon has deployed an approach that proactively eliminates IT risk and supports business growth.

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THRIVEON / thriv-e-on/ v.

Our mission is to empower people to create business success with information and technology.

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Our Core Values:



We’re modest in the way we interact and communicate; arrogance doesn’t exist.


Providing helpful insight is our responsibility and we don’t take that lightly.


We’re determined to bring success to all organizations we work alongside.


We adapt, learn, and grow. We’re never unwilling to change.


We’re eager to bring the right solutions to our clients.

Meet the Thriveon Team

Sam Bloedow CEO

Sam Bloedow


Dan Messerli Operations Manager

Dan Messerli

Operations Manager

Missy Meidl Controller

Missy Meidl


Ryan Neuman Inside Sales

Ryan Neuman

Inside Sales

Ashley Chambliss Marketing Manager

Ashley Chambliss

Marketing Manager

Jake Bloedow vCIO

Jake Bloedow


Bill Longhenry ThrivAdmin

Bill Longhenry


Patrick Jens ThrivAdmin

Patrick Jens


Brian Henry

Brian Henry

Centralized Service Automation

Steve Bloedow Design Desk

Steve Bloedow

Design Desk

Linda Lochli

Linda Lochli

Project Manager

Samuel Fradette Project Engineer

Samuel Fradette

Project Engineer

Joshua Roslik

Joshua Roslik

Project Engineer

Dylan Appel

Dylan Appel

Field Engineer

Allison Gotelaere

Allison Gotelaere

Field Engineer

Suzanne Wels

Suzanne Wels

Field Engineer

Mike Paul Technical Pre-Sales Engineer

Mike Paul

Technical Pre-Sales Engineer

Jesse Zahrt Service Coordinator

Jesse Zahrt

Service Coordinator

Amreen Hossain System Administrator

Amreen Hossain

System Administrator

caleb young system administrator

Caleb Young

System Administrator

jacob peterson

Jacob Peterson

System Administrator

Thriveon is focused on providing a truly proactive IT service to its customers, in a space that is typically only about closing tickets and implementing projects. Thriveon delivers strategic guidance to its clients which substantially lowers the number of issues and helps their business become more efficient so they can do more with less. All this to say it is super awesome being on this growing team filled with career advancement!


Thriveon is looking for driven individuals who are eager to join an organization that’s focused on creating a solid foundation where meaningful work can make the most impact for our clients. Join our team that’s driving change within the IT industry.

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Productivity and profit start with proactive managed IT.

We listen to how your current IT service works today, and explore how a proactive managed IT solution can help you build a better tomorrow.

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