Strategic Managed IT
that Drives Business Growth

A one-stop solution for all your IT needs. Spend less and free your employees to accomplish more.

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Unlock a World of Productivity and Profit with Proactive IT Services

Your current IT methods should do more than patch and manage the day-to-day. A reactive IT strategy blocks business growth. It leaves you stuck between where you are and where you want to go. 

It’s time to upgrade to proactive IT solutions.

With proactive IT, you get more for less.

  • Fewer issues
  • Faster response time
  • More productive employees
  • Improved security
  • A fractional CIO to guide your technology strategy
  • A multiyear IT roadmap and budget



No More Repeat IT Issues, No More Security Risks, No More Overspending

We’ve been building a better way to do IT since 2005. Let us align your business with industry best practices and reduce your technology issues with our 500-point IT inspection. Don’t overspend on disparate technology. Sync your IT budget with your business goals to usher in a new era of efficiency.



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Proactive Managed IT Services to Help Companies Thrive


With a 6-minute average response time, you’ll get constant, proactive IT support during all emergencies. Plus, you’ll see 100% same-day response, 75% same-day resolution and 70% first touch resolution from our dedicated team. If something goes wrong, you can trust that we’re working on it.


We monitor your network around the clock to detect issues in advance. We perform after-hours patches and maintenance so that your systems are secure and fully operational during business hours.

Audit & Align

We continually audit your IT, and align your business to 500 industry best practices. We reduce your IT issues and security vulnerabilities by 90%, and modernize your workplace to save each computer user over 250 work hours a year.

Strategy +

Using your business plan and past IT misalignment, your Thriveon fractional CIO will seamlessly integrate into your team to build a strategic roadmap with a budget that delivers the right technology. You’ll accomplish 4X more using 80% less of management’s time.

Reduction in issues and security vulnerabilities
Hours per computer user saved annually
Less management time

Managed IT Solutions to Ensure Your Technology Helps You Grow

Over 20 years ago, we set out to build IT solutions that remove roadblocks and help our clients accomplish their business objectives. Let Thriveon help you harness the power of technology to fuel your organizational growth. Get IT managed services that think ahead.

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Productivity and Profit Start with Proactively Managed IT Support Services

We listen to how your current IT service works today and explore how a proactive managed IT solution can help you build a better tomorrow. Spend less time worrying about technology and more time growing your business.


What is an IT manager? 

Many firms supply an IT consultant. At Thriveon, we supply you with a fractional chief information officer (CIO). That means you have a C-level technology expert dedicated to updating and integrating your business technology in a way that best helps you grow. We use technology to invest in your success.
"Thriveon truly focuses on the customer service side of the business. They impress us often with their support. And, Thriveon is the first IT company that we found would prevent problems before they happen, rather than react to them after they happened.
John K. GM

A Proven Strategy to Turn Information Technology into a Significant Business Driver

A proactive IT strategy is built around the real-world needs of your business. It’s designed to solve pressing problems—for good—and unlock new efficiencies you’ll clearly see on your balance sheet.

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Professional &
Project Services

Use our proven process to design and execute projects that save you time and support your business goals.

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Take the confusion out of compliance, with a clear plan to protect your business with established regulatory frameworks.

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Modernize your workforce with dynamic collaboration across teams. Leverage powerful apps to accelerate productivity and efficiency.

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