The Challenge

In late 2021, Bepex experienced a ransomware attack via email due to a lack of multi-factor authentication. The cyber criminals encrypted their data files, causing Bepex to pay for an encryption key to decrypt everything.

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The company experienced several holes in the IT environment and infrastructure. Bepex’s IT infrastructure was stuck in the early 2000s mindset and desperately needed refreshing.


We secured their IT environment

We protected their sensitive data and ensured the highest level of security for their IT infrastructure.


We cut costs

With our innovative strategies and expertise, we helped them reduce operational expenses and increase their bottom line.


We moved them into the modern IT era

Through a comprehensive assessment, we identified areas that required modernization and devised a tailored strategy to address their unique business needs.

The Results

Within two years of working with Thriveon, Bepex was brought into a modern IT mindset.

We tightened up their security and introduced security initiatives, including secure remote access and multi-factor authentication
We standardized their password policy
We moved them to Microsoft 365
We moved them to the Microsoft Teams Phone system
We also trained them for security awareness against phishing attempts, encryption and hardware scanning
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"Thriveon works with me extensively in order to solve my issues. They respond quickly and stick to it through many email exchanges. I appreciate the persistence!"

Laura Kimball, Bepex 

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