The Challenge

With over 235 people in five states making up their network of dealers, retail outlets, sales staff and administration, managing information and technology was a big challenge. 

Although they had contracted with an IT company to take care of the company's needs for technical support, it soon fell on CFO Doug Jackson' shoulders to field incoming requests for support from every location and employee when he needed to focus on the financial and operational aspects of the business. 


Big Gain was getting by on a day-to-day basis, but Jackson worried that a major blow would be disastrous for business operations.


We assessed the company

Our first step was to thoroughly assess the condition of the networks, services and workstations, as well as the installation of monitoring tools. 


Then we held strategy sessions

We held strategy sessions so Big Gain's virtual CIO at Thriveon could thoroughly understand the business regarding operations, needs for information and overall objectives. 


And offered a forward-looking solution

The customized Information Technology Strategy (ITS™) we offered included a forward-looking plan with a schedule to update hardware and software. 

The Results

By partnering with Thriveon, we provided initiatives that updated Big Gain's network infrastructure, which reflects the ability to get positive ROI from our proactive approach to IT strategy. Our predictable technology and remote monitoring and response helped run business operations.

We gave Jackson the ability to budget and control costs through an IT strategy 
With proactive IT support, we eliminated surprises and unexpected technology expenses and can now prevent problems before they happen
We helped enhance the productivity and efficiency of employees with technology tools that work with minimal interruption 
We stepped in to work with internet providers to improve the connectivity and productivity of some remote sales staff 
By providing a Help Desk, employees use it, resulting in fewer phone calls to Jackson 
With a Thriveon CIO on their team and more accurate data to drive performance, it’s easier to plan and budget for future growth

"Before working with Thriveon, we would just fix something when it broke. We had a lot of issues to deal with because of that. Now we’re getting on a cycle for workstations refreshes…Thriveon did everything that they said they would do. Whatever Thriveon says, that’s what we’re going to do."

Doug Jackson, CFO of Big Gain 

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