The Challenge

Blue Rose Capital Advisors and HedgeStar’s office lease was up for renewal, and with all the staff already working from home, the current physical systems were no longer ideal for the company’s strategy.

The accounting software, file data and phone system depended on the office’s physical hardware.

Employees struggled to work effectively from their remote locations (including client sites or while traveling), making them unable to collaborate or hold meetings online.

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The disconnected systems, lack of an efficient remote workspace and undesirable office space at Blue Rose Capital Advisors and HedgeStar created the need for a modern workplace.


We implemented Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams was implemented to create a central location so the organization could chat, work on documents, collaborate as a team, hold meetings and replace the phone systems.


Then we focused on the physical office

This helped eliminate a physical office space, making it easier to access files when working outside of the office. Employees also have a central location for team collaboration.


And removed their old hardware

Aging and obsolete hardware was replaced, which decreased unnecessary costs for the company.

The Results

The new changes Thriveon implemented for Blue Rose Capital Advisors and HedgeStar meant they would embrace a modern workplace.

We helped eliminate five hours a week per employee and 250 hours a year per computer user.
Microsoft Teams created an integrated location for chats, phone systems, document work, team collaboration and meetings.
A modern workplace allowed staff to work from anywhere without needing a physical office space.
Implementing a modern workplace eliminated a $40,000 investment every five years.
There was a 17% improvement in time-to-decision by decision-makers.
We also saw an 18% reduction in meetings.

"With the change to the modern workplace, we can now access our files from any location at any time with just an internet connection. Our documents are at our fingertips whether working from home, at a client site or sitting in an airport."

Ann Bolin, Director of Accounting and Administration for Blue Rose Capital Advisors

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