The Challenge

The City of Springfield had no central location, making it difficult to chat, work on documents, collaborate as a team or hold meetings.

Files and folders were not split into working groups, making information difficult to locate and work on.

The experience of working out of the office vs. in the office was different and difficult for employees to switch between.

Employees were unable to work effectively from remote locations.

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The City of Springfield lacked modernized technology in several areas, making it hard for employees to complete their work efficiently.


We implemented Microsoft Teams

Our first step was to implement Microsoft Teams to create a central location to chat, organize and work on documents, collaborate as a team and hold meetings.


Then we focused on the files

We moved files off the on-premise server, making it easier for employees to access and work on them.


And revolutionized their workplace

This allowed the ability for staff to work effectively from remote locations with easier access to files when working outside of the office and a central location for team collaboration.

The Results

By partnering with Thriveon, we provided initiatives that updated the City of Springfield's workplace to turn it into a successful modern workplace.

We saved approximately 5 hours a week per employee
We provided one integrated location to chat, work on documents, collaborate as a team and hold meetings
We helped save over 250 hours a year per computer user
We helped see a 17% improvement in time-to-decisions by important decision-makers
We created the ability for staff to work from anywhere without the need to be in the physical office space
We helped reach an 18% reduction in meetings

"We've developed a great partnership with Thriveon. We value their creative approach and leadership to help bring the City of Springfield into the modern workplace and providing our city with critical business continuity during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond."

Joe Stremcha, former finance director for the City of Springfield

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