The Challenge

The biggest challenge for Horwitz was that they were more focused on the short-term budget and not their long-term IT strategy and what would benefit the company from an IT perspective.

They sought ways to properly leverage IT on long-term goals and connect with the company’s overall vision.

They were also spending twice as much as they needed on Office 365 licenses and other applications.

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They were looking for a strategic partner so they could leverage technology to move their business forward and shift from a reactive mindset to a proactive one.


We brought perspective to their business goals

Thriveon provided the strategy and guidance that Horwitz was looking for. We laid out how they can do things differently and how it could benefit them in the long run. We also worked on their budget and better aligned it to their overall business goals.


Then we looked at their licenses and applications

We helped pare down their licenses and applications, saving them thousands of dollars annually and increasing productivity. Part of this included moving their IT infrastructure to Microsoft Teams for better collaboration. We also moved them to Bamboo for easier applicant and PTO tracking.


And we strengthened their security gaps

We helped button up their security risks and eliminate any potential issues. By identifying pain points, we could finally resolve them and secure their systems. We also implemented a large archival database, so data stopped being unmanageable for them.

The Results

With the successful implementation of proactive IT planning and strategizing, Horwitz & Company experienced these results:

By cutting down on licenses and applications, Horwitz will now save between $35,000 to $40,000 every year.
Through effective leadership and collaboration, Horwitz has a better, stronger IT roadmap and strategy.
From a 500-pt inspection on IT best practices, they have more secure systems and servers.
Their stronger IT insight means they can better align their technology and business goals.
Horwitz retained an on-site IT technician for their day-to-day tasks while Thriveon handled their big-picture issues.
Their department heads are involved in developing and implementing their IT strategy.



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