The Challenge

After experiencing a ransomware attack, Florida-based Hydro-Dyne Engineering came to Thriveon for help. Their remote access ports were not properly protected, and they were missing a solid backup solution, which led to their files and backup data being held for ransom.

Hydro-Dyne also desperately needed to modernize its workplace and train its IT staff so an issue like this would never happen again.

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This Florida-based manufacturing company required direction and guidance with a planned-out IT strategy and budget. We had to quickly restore their files and backups while revolutionizing their IT infrastructure into a modern workplace.


We restored their files

We started restoring their files and backups the day after they came to us for help. We locked down their remote access ports and got their domain control back online.


Then we revolutionized their IT infrastructure

We installed a new server with licensing and restored their data to that. We replaced old hardware and upgrade their server infrastructure.


And we focused on the future

We helped them develop a clear IT roadmap and budget to reduce costs and drastically improve their security, ensuring this would never happen again.

The Results

After the difficult task of restoring their files and modernizing their workplace, Hydro-Dyne Engineering experienced these results:

We provided guidance and structure so they had a clear IT strategy and roadmap, removing hidden costs and unknown factors.
We implemented security best practices, including multi-factor authentication, vulnerability scanning, air gapping and backup solutions.
We raised employee morale by quickly restoring operations.
We implemented security awareness training for their staff, and we trained them to label computers and track their hardware and software inventory.
We moved their workplace from GoDaddy to Microsoft 365 with better controls and robust security features.
And, with a fast and reliable IT infrastructure, we restored Hydro-Dyne’s trust in IT.


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