The Challenge

Schell's was frustrated that they didn't have a proactive approach to IT.

With increased reliance on technology, the brewery lacked the direction and strategic planning they needed for future IT spends and its current IT infrastructure.

They also didn't have the safety and preparation needed against nefarious online activity.

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Schell's felt they were constantly reinventing the wheel regarding their IT planning and spending. Previous solutions didn't stick. Thriveon helped fix that.


We planned an IT roadmap

We sat down with their leadership to discover what they needed. From there, we helped plan their IT roadmap from a cash-flow standpoint that was forward-looking and aligned their business goals with their IT infrastructure.


Then we stabilized their IT environment

We provided expert proactive guidance and support with a new IT roadmap and budget. We improved their IT environment, implemented a new ERP system and closed up their security holes. This included moving more towards the individual end-users.


And we helped them become more cautious about IT spending

Instead of throwing around massive amounts of dollars, Schell's has a known path forward with IT spending planned out. We standardized spending money on technology solutions, repairs and maintenance.

The Results

With the successful implementation of IT planning and budgeting, Schell's Brewery experienced these results:

We helped them cut downtime and time spent waiting to fix IT issues by 50%.
Schell's is experiencing substantially higher network reliability.
We implemented multi-factor authentication for remote access and enforced strong passwords.
Strategic planning and budgeting lead to more effective projects and expenses.
We helped sync Microsoft 365 throughout their network.
And before Thriveon, Schell's experienced 3 to 4 connectivity issues a month. We have reduced them to 0.

"Thriveon has provided the strategic planning and foresight that had been lacking in our IT environment. Our IT investments have transformed from reactive to proactive, putting us on the right track to improve our infrastructure, reduce our downtime and plan for future improvements. They've been an invaluable business partner and resource."

 Liza Kukla, Controller at Schell's

We aren't only another IT vendor.

We offer a whole different IT approach.

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