The Challenge

Sleepy Eye Medical Center (SEMC) clinic and hospital grew from five computers to 170 workstations, 15 servers, numerous electronic devices and multiple specialty care providers all connected with technology.

However, as SEMC became more reliant on technology, they faced the risk of potential downtime and possible interruption of care. 

Government regulations to protect the privacy and security of patient records (HIPAA) also required the creation of a more robust IT framework and strategy to comply with the law and provide appropriate access to medical professionals.

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SEMC knew that if they had to staff the same level of IT services internally, it would cost much more than what they would pay in their fixed monthly fee.


We implemented guidance and service

We provided business-level guidance and IT department service throughout their digital transformation.


Then we focused on a vCIO

Our virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO) input has resulted in sound technology decision-making.


And transformed their workplace

This has allowed the medical center to use technology and deliver a high level of care to their patients.

The Results

The overriding value that SEMC gained from working with Thriveon is a collaboration that has enabled the organization to meet industry challenges and achieve its goals for improving how it serves the community.

We aligned design and specifications for hardware with the organization’s goals for growth
A virtualized server system allowed SEMC to manage costs while providing scalability
We recommended backup and disaster recovery measures to meet their needs for HIPAA compliance and uninterrupted service
We helped SEMC staff as they converted to a new electronic health record (EHR) software
The vCIO took technical data about network status and merged it with SEMC’s goals to create an IT roadmap to guide future investment decisions
The vCIO also met with specific departments to integrate upcoming initiatives with IT
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"Thriveon has been working with us and guiding us along the way...We enjoy having more than a client-vendor relationship. We view it as a partnership. We rely on Thriveon heavily, and they've always been there for us. Their support for us has been unwavering."

Kevin Sellheim, CEO and Administrator of Sleepy Eye Medical Center

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