The Challenge

The primary IT challenge for the Special Operations Warrior Foundation was security concerns. They didn’t feel adequately protected and considered their IT operations immature, which is a concern with today’s current cybersecurity environment. Their concerns were broken down into three categories:

  1. Performance: They were looking for more consistency in their overall performance regarding communications and results. Failures in these areas lead to frequent downtime and reduced productivity.
  2. Outdated technology: They didn’t feel like they were up to date with technology systems and were simply getting by. This lack of advancements ultimately led to more downtime and inefficiencies.
  3. Cost concerns: As a nonprofit organization, cost is an upfront concern for SOWF. They wanted to ensure they had transparent and predictable cost management practices.

Unfortunately, their security concerns became a reality. When the Special Operations Warrior Foundation experienced a security breach, Thriveon helped resolve the issue. We also helped set them up for future success by making a substantial, modern shift in their IT operations.


We improved their security stance

Thriveon improved their security by implementing more robust security measures, including vulnerability scanning, SIEM, hard drive encryption, password protection, Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) and upgraded firewalls. We also moved them from an on-premises infrastructure to a server-less cloud environment.


Then we optimized their IT infrastructure

We implemented a strategic multi-year roadmap that aligned with their overall business goals and helped set their budget. The plan focused specifically on their IT strategy and helped put into perspective the technology components SOWF previously missed.


And we provided consistent consulting, support and expertise

Our consistent expertise and 24/7 support helped both internal staff and remote employees. This also provided consistent predictability and accessibility; if an IT issue occurred, SOWF knew they could call Thriveon and receive help correctly. We figured out what solutions to provide and how to deliver them.

The Results

With their IT infrastructure overhaul and new security improvements, Special Operations Warrior Foundation experienced:

Our 24/7 support and expertise led to better decision-making, lowering incident rates and IT issues.
With an improved cybersecurity stance, we increased their security.
We also helped them achieve cost savings regarding backups and appliances by moving them to a cloud environment.
Increased IT expertise on board to carry out initiatives.
Optimizing their IT infrastructure led to improved efficiency and enhanced productivity.
With the numerous changes and benefits we brought to the table, SOWF experienced better overall staff satisfaction and trust related to IT.
Angel headshot

"Since partnering with Thriveon, we’ve experienced a significant improvement in our IT operations. Their team’s expertise, responsiveness and professionalism have helped us overcome complex challenges and optimize our IT environment for better performance and reliability. We highly recommend Thriveon to any business seeking to enhance their IT infrastructure and capabilities."

Angel C. Mason, Director of Resources with the Special Operations Warrior Foundation

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