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Technology to Attract and Enable Customers

Whether the business is banking, accounting, insurance or wealth management, there is no doubt that information and technology has transformed the financial services industry. Companies are attracting customers by offering mobile apps and services that streamline how they communicate and manage their accounts. Employees aren’t always in the office when they are working, so they need secure access to email, documents and reports. Compliance with regulations that protect confidentiality and maintain the integrity of financial data are top company priorities.


Balancing Risks with Responsiveness

IT for financial services should provide companies with ways to achieve efficiencies and a high level of customer satisfaction that improves their competitive advantage, but businesses have to make wise decisions about the new technologies that they adopt. In addition to benefits for customers, executives contemplate how their infrastructure will support new initiatives, and how potential risks can be mitigated as business is conducted over the internet. 



Managed IT for Financial Services

Financial services IT solutions need to be comprehensive, utilizing IT strategy, services and support that align IT activity and investment with short and long term business goals Thriveon works with banking, accounting, insurance and wealth management companies with 20 to 500 computers to fully support their internal IT staff, or provide a whole IT department for a fixed monthly fee.

Our proven process moves business forward with IT guidance, proactive services, and responsive support that turns information and technology into a competitive advantage.

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