IT Outsourcing for Service and Wholesale Business

Technology That is More Than Overhead

Whether you are an electrical contractor, a logistics company or a wholesale distributor for a specialized line of products, your business depends on technology every day. Have you ever wondered if IT could be more than just a piece of overhead? What if you could use technology to bring more value to your business? Would you want to decrease labor costs, Improve productivity and efficiency, or become a stronger competitor in the marketplace? These are not the only possibilities. Just look at your business plan and you'll find goals that technology can enable. Many companies need some help to make this happen so that they can retain focus on what they do best.



Executives Have Unanswered Questions About IT

When we talk with business owners and executives about their challenges with IT, some themes have emerged. They want to know:

  • Are there other ways that we can integrate our systems to increase productivity?
  • Is our network and business information secure? We just don't know for sure.
  • How can we structure IT so that it will contribute to our competitive advantage?
  • How can we make sure that our IT investments are going to give us the return we expect?



Outsourced IT for Service Businesses and Wholesalers

Whether there are 20 or 500 computers, a growing company needs a comprehensive IT department and strategy that aligns IT activity and investment with business objectives. Thriveon works with companies in varied industries to fully support their internal IT staff, or provide a whole IT department for a fixed monthly fee. Our proven process moves business forward with IT guidance, proactive services, and responsive support that turns information and technology into a competitive advantage.


Learn About the Results You Can Expect from Different IT Support Options

IT Solutions E-Book

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