IT Ought to Help you Accomplish Your Mission

Do more with Less

  • When IT performs well, it takes less employees to support your mission

Advance your Mission

  • When It systems are an extension of your team and not a bottleneck, workflow becomes efficient and increases the number of people you can help

Prevent Embarrassing Security Events

  • Prevent ransomware, spam, phishing and intrusions from eroding the trust people have in your organization

3 Steps Away from World Class IT

  1. Schedule a 30 Minute Discovery Meeting
    1. Compare your current IT results with those of our clients to see what you're missing
  2. 60 Minute Learn More Meeting
    1. Detailed deep dive of our proven ThrivCare process so you can be 100% confident in what's included and what to expect
  3. Onboard World Class IT Guaranteed
    1. We are so confident you will be ecstatic with our results we provide you a 30 day out at anytime

Why Thriveon?

At Thriveon, we help not for profits attain World Class IT. We get that operating a not for profit is hard work. You’re needing to do more with less, prevent embarrassing security events, and advance your mission all on a tight budget. Our not for profit clients face the same challenges, except rather than getting bogged down, they are able to leap ahead with the proper IT mission.

So what is the proper IT mission? Unfortunately all IT solutions feel the same. Whether internal staff or an outsourced company, they produce the same lack luster results at the end of the day. There are too many disruptions, sluggish performance, surprise outages, spiraling costs, ransomware holdups and technical mumbo jumbo answers.

Chances are you’ve talked to others not for profit leaders in hopes you would discover these lack luster results weren’t happening in their companies and they found a way out. Only to find they too are plagued by the same daily IT woes. So now your left wondering is this really IT normal?

We believe IT ought to help you accomplish your mission. We have spent over 15 years creating and perfecting our ThrivCare Process that when we take each not for profit client through produces World Class IT Results. Our clients find that they can do more with less when IT produces World Class results because it takes less employees to support the same mission. They are delighted to see IT helping them increase the number of people their mission helps, because the IT systems are a unified part of their workflow rather than a bottleneck. They rest easier knowing ransomware, spam, phishing and intrusions are being prevented so they don’t have to deal with an embarrassing security event that would erode the trust their organization has in their community.

This isn’t the case for most not for profits. What we find when we meet with not for profit leaders - whether they have an outsourced managed IT service provider or an internal staff of 1 to even 20 - is that they’re plagued with IT surprises that hamper their company, frustrating their employees and increasing organizational cost. They fear loss of reputation, when the next ransomware, spam, phishing or intrusion slips through. Overwhelmed by the spiraling costs of IT and uncertain what to do next. All too often business leaders think if they just hire a different person or a different IT provider results will change, and they find out too late that they just don’t.

That’s where Thriveon comes in. Our proven ThrivCare process will take you from circling in the whirlwind of IT issues that are holding your company back. To doing more with less, advancing your mission, and preventing an embarrassing security event.

To your success,

01-Sam-Bloedow-CEOSam Bloedow
CEO & Founder

A Few Words From Our Customers

“Going from internal IT to Thriveon has been a huge cost savings and has increased the technology knowledge base that we can tap into. One person has one sphere of knowledge, but the Thriveon team encompasses a wide range of expertise."

- Clara DeRosier Executive Director, Minnesota Electrical Association

“Thriveon has been working with us and guiding us along the way. We tell them - these are the outcomes that we want, and this is what we want the process to be. We’re able to keep up with the latest trends and get more specialty services to patients.”

- Kevin Sellheim, Administrator

Always feel that we’re proactive instead of reactive to things. I like that part of it because I would rather be well planned out ahead of time rather than changes something after something major happens.

- Candas Schouvieller

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The Cost of IT Not Aligning with Your Mission

Increased staff and operational cost 

  • IT hiccups add up and slow your staff to the point it takes more employees to produce the same amount

Jeopardize your Mission

  • When IT systems are a bottleneck workflow becomes inefficient, and decreases the number of people you can help

Loss of Reputation or Organization

  • When you're attacked by ransomware, spam, phishing or intrusions, it puts your reputation and organization at risk

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