Better IT Results

IT ought to produce predictable results at a predictable cost and help your business thrive.

Budget Predictably

  • Proactively plan and budget with confidence knowing that you are making the right IT investments to move the business forward.

Prevent Cyber Attacks

  • When IT is predictable you can rest easy knowing your business is safe.

Do More With Less

  • When IT systems are predictable and workflow is efficient, it takes less people to do the same work.

Are you asking the right questions?

Are you sure of what the right IT investments are because you have been burned in the past?
Are security breaches putting your reputation and business continuity at risk?
Are inefficient IT systems causing you to have to overstaff?

Our ebook "Top 5 Reasons Why IT is Unpredictable" will help you identify and solve these issues



How We Help You

We believe IT ought to provide predictable results for a predictable cost, and help companies do more. We have spent over 15 years creating and perfecting the Thriveon Process that when we take each client through produce exactly that. Our clients find that their risk of business interruption is drastically reduced;that IT is enabling their business goals, and helping them stay ahead of the game; that they are now able to do more business with less people and budget more predictably.

A Few Words From Our Customers


"I was impressed by their proactive approach. With Thriveon we would have more of a partner, and someone who had some skin in the game. I didn't know that an IT company could operate that way."

Matt Doherty, Industrial Fabrication Services (I.F.S.)


"Going from internal IT to managed IT services with Thriveon has been a huge cost savings and has increased the technology knowledge base that we can tap into. One person has one sphere of knowledge, but the Thriveon team encompasses a wide range of expertise."

Clara DeRosier, Executive Director at Minnesota Electrical Association


"We rely on Thriveon heavily and they've always been there for us. Their support for us has been unwavering,"

Kevin Sellheim, CEO & Administrator at SEMC


"We get a good view of the future with the knowledge that our Thriveon vCIO brings to our planning process. I always feel like we are being proactive, especially in the area of security. I feel comfortable investing in technology to make sure our documents are secure and we are going in the right direction."

Candas Schouvieller, Administrator at Oak Hills Living Center

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