Sam Bloedow

Ceo and Founder

"The only barriers in life are those you have created with your own mind."

Growing up in an entrepreneurial family, the idea of creating and operating a business always intrigued me. It was something growing up that I knew I always wanted to do. What I didn’t readily realize was my enthusiasm for technology. Looking back I have fond memories of playing games on our Apple IIe, but it wasn’t until high school that it clicked. I was strongly considering becoming an accountant, and I remember walking away after a job shadowing experience reflecting on what I liked most. I liked the numbers but what I really liked was how they leveraged technology. 

After I graduated from college, I worked on a federal project managing networks of testing labs they used to certify and hire the first TSA employees across the nation. Once the project was completed, I moved back to Sleepy Eye where I grew up.

In 2002 I started with an idea to bring fair, honest, and reasonably priced IT services to small to medium businesses in southern, MN. While we have grown a lot since then, our core values still connect with the originating idea.

I am passionate about creating and helping. Creating a business that helps our customers focus on growing their business by freeing their time from IT hassles. Creating a workplace that helps the people who form the amazing team we have, further advance in their career and provide for their families.

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