Company Overview

Thriveon (pronounced Thriv-E-on) located in Minnesota is a family owned IT Services Company with a different approach to Managed Services. At Thriveon we believe every single IT issue is preventable and that IT should maximize the productivity of your people. We help MN based entrepreneurial organizations and Mid-Market executives produce better IT results by building a sound IT strategy they can budget around, avoid the typical day to day disruptions, get the information they need to make good business decisions and improve the productivity of their people.

Our Values

  • Clients for Life - We are passionately committed to the success of our clients.
  • Accountable for Results - To ourselves, families, team, company, and clients
  • Servant Leadership – We lead by serving others
  • Driven to Succeed – Continuously making ourselves, team, company, and clients better
  • Family First – Maintain a healthy work/life balance

Meet the team that makes it possible

The people at Thriveon comprise a team of technical and business professionals who are commtted to client success each and every day. Meet the team that makes it possible.


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Our History

Growing up in an entrepreneurial family, the idea of creating and operating a business always intrigued me. It was something I knew I always wanted to do. What I didn’t readily realize was my enthusiasm for technology. Looking back I have fond memories of playing games on our Apple IIe, but it wasn’t until high school that it clicked. I was strongly considering becoming an accountant, and I remember walking away after a job shadowing experience reflecting on what I liked most. I liked the numbers but what I really liked was how they leveraged technology.

After I graduated from college, I worked on a federal project managing networks of testing labs they used to certify and hire the first TSA employees across the nation. Once the project was completed in 2002, I moved back to my hometown Sleepy Eye, MN and started what is now Thriveon. By 2005 the business was growing fast and my father Steve, a business owner himself joined me as my partner. My father’s experience as an electrician working with business owners to reduce risk and my passion for helping company’s better leverage their technology investments proved to be a winning combination. It sent us on a different path that allowed us to create our Unique Proven Process which produces a different end result one that our clients have found of tremendous value.

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