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Helping healthcare facilities maintain compliance and deliver excellent patient care.

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Proactive IT protects healthcare facilities.

$100 - $50k

Per violation of HIPAA unawareness

$1k - $50k

Per HIPAA violation with reasonable cause awareness

$10k - $50k

Per willful neglect of HIPAA violation with correction within 30 days.


Per willful neglect and no effort to correct HIPAA violation

Leverage technology to optimize patient care.

Your patients rely on you to help keep them healthy, so it’s essential to always have consistent access to their medical data.

Our expert team helps maintain your complex medical data infrastructure both securely and efficiently.

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Align your IT strategy with your business goals.

We blend automation with human expertise to empower healthcare facilities to deliver exceptional patient care.

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Maximize Data Accessibility

Quick access to patient data allows for better caregiving.


Maintain HIPAA Compliance

The sensitive medical data of your patients is kept secure.


Optimize Billing Procedures

Accurately, timely billing becomes easier with integrated IT technologies.


Increase Case Load

Streamlining internal processes allows you to help more patients.


Managed IT services that help companies thrive.

At Thriveon, we believe that a proactive IT approach empowers businesses from all industries to be more successful. As your trusted IT partner, we don’t simply fix the things that break — we help improve your bottom line and reach your business goals.

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With a 6-minute average response time, you’ll have constant support for emergencies. Plus, you’ll see 100% same-day response, 75% same-day resolution and 70% first touch resolution from our dedicated team. You’ll never be alone.

24/7 Management

We monitor your network around the clock to detect issues in advance. Perform after-hours patches and maintenance to keep your systems at top performance during business hours.

Proactively Audit & Align

Continually auditing your IT, and aligning your business to 500 industry best practices. We reduce your IT issues and security vulnerabilities by 90%, and modernize your workplace saving each computer user over 250 hours a year.

Strategy + Guidance

Using your business plan and IT misalignment, we build a strategic roadmap and a budget, with a Fractional CIO who seamlessly integrates into your team. You’ll accomplish 4X more with 80% less of management’s time.

Let us show you what your IT service should be doing.

We’ve helped businesses become more successful by creating and implementing strategic, goal-focused IT plans using industry best practices since 2002. With a proactive approach to managed IT services, you’ll be able to eliminate issues before they start, securely support your business technology, and scale your organization the right way.

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Our organization relies heavily on computers and we can’t afford to be down. When issues arise, Thriveon’s response time is quick, efficient and the staff are friendly and respectful.
Candas S. Administrator

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