Technology as a Competitive Advantage

The adoption of new technology in the legal industry has made the work of attorneys more streamlined and efficient in many ways. As they travel to different locations they use mobile devices and secure connections to internal and external networks to communicate, collaborate, and perform research. Information and Technology for law firms includes cloud based platforms that help them manage the huge amounts of information that they gather and create, as well as take care of business administration for the practice. Because it can help them be more agile in responding to client needs, technology can be a competitive advantage for law firms.

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Benefits vs. Challenges of IT for Law Firms

The advantages of technology come with risks and challenges. The need for security while working in the digital space has serious implications for client results and company reputation. Integrating systems for research, collaboration, and tracking billable time is key to attaining the efficiencies that specialized applications offer. Unreliable access to the firm’s IT system, slow connections, and struggles with malfunctioning computers results in wasted time that can negatively impact client outcomes and company success. Executives who are charged with overseeing IT for their law firm ask themselves:


  • Are there other ways that we can integrate our systems to increase productivity?
  • Do our security processes address all vulnerabilities as we use mobile devices and the internet to communicate and collaborate remotely? 
  • Does our backup and disaster recovery plan address all of the likely data loss scenarios?
  • How can we structure IT so that it will contribute to our competitive advantage?


Managed IT Services for Law Firms 

Whether there are 20 or 500 computers, law firms need a comprehensive IT department and strategy that aligns IT activity and investment with business objectives. Thriveon works with law firms to fully support their internal IT staff, or provide a whole IT department for a fixed monthly fee. Our proven process moves business forward with IT guidance, proactive services, and responsive support that turns information and technology into a competitive advantage.

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